Monday, 13 July 2009


Did you know?

1. When using Rub-ons on your project, breathe on them first before using them as this helps them to release from the carrier sheet more easily.

2. When your ink pads are running out, turn them upside down for a few minutes before use to get the last drops of ink to the surface.

3. When using embossing powder always use an anti-static bag to wipe over your work first, or a tumble dryer sheet, as this will help stop excess embossing powder sticking to your work.

4. When heat embossing on Vellum always heat from underneath to stop the Vellum warping.


A great tutorial from The Hybrid Chick on borderless printing. Click HERE to take you to the Tutorial pages.

1 comment:

  1. Just thought I'd add another one: A VERY light touch of talc tapped off before you stamp & emboss also stops static (but be careful on anything other than light coloured card).

    Thanks for all the tips and inspiration :)
    Hugs, Karen x