Wednesday, 13 July 2011


It is amazing to see that a year after The Next Level had to close its doors, we still have a massive following - you truly are dedicated followers.

Dawn and I are still great friends and have so many creative projects on the go it is amazing. For the time being I would just like to fill you in on what I am doing now - my time is spent between two passions - creating artisan soap and cake decoration and design. You can clearly see that I have not been able to switch off the creativity button. I need followers for my new cake decoration blog and at least 25 likes for my facebook pages before I can get a personal url - so any help would be so gratefully appreciated.

Ann xx

P.S. You will be pleased to know that I have finally sorted out my migraines, just need a good pair of glasses!!!!!!!!! -


  1. So glad that your migraines are under control. I am a migraine sufferer with mine down to a dull roar. Ever hopeful about the Next Level. Good Luck with the cake decorating and soap, Judith xx

  2. Ann great to hear that you are still crafting and the cakes look fantastic. Maybe we'll see you back here yet! Zoƫ ps I'll follow you if you follow me!

  3. Thanks Judith and Zoe. You never know The Next Level might just come back one day, Dawn and I are always talking about it - it is amazing to see that there are still 728 Followers, and people still visiting on a daily basis. What a great bunch of folks you all are xx

  4. Hi Ann, how wonderful to know you are well and still creating! I just popped over to your new blog and I am amazed at how beautiful the cupcakes are. I never new cupcakes could be so beautiful! I wish you luck and happiness in your new endeavors.



  5. Thank you Abby - I have been keeping a keen eye on your work too - simply beautiful xx