Monday, 8 June 2009


Well everyone seemed to like this section in The Next Level Issue 1, so we have scouted around to see what else we can find out there that would definitely be worth a download. If you are unsure about the Cost of Digital Printing please check out the Hints and Tips section, where I have give advice on how to keep costs to a minimum and get maximum benefits.
So this week we have lots of lovely goodies for you to go and grab, quite a mixture - hope you like them.

A really beautiful download papers and embellishments set from Retrodiva Designs, they feature some really beautiful digital products - click HERE for the download page for this product

This is a fantastic freebie paper and embellishments pack from Shabby Princess, a really great site to visit for digital supplies. Click on this link HERE to take you to the download page.

Another lovely pack, again from Shabby Princess - click on the link HERE to take you to the download page.

A fantastic freebie Font is available for download from Two Peas in a Bucket, this would make a great addition for your creations. Click HERE to go to the download page for this font and the one below - and many other fonts available free for download.

The above free fonts are just 2 of 24 available free from the link above.
Please look under Hints and Tips for guidance on how to install the free fonts on your Computer.

We carried a feature in the Tutorials section this week on ways to use stitches in your cardmaking including digital, click the link HERE to get this great set from MollynMax Blogspot

We hope you are enjoying the download links - if you are unsure about the cost of printing digital papers, go and have a look at the Hints and Tips page for my comments on this.

Have fun xx


  1. Wow, terrific stash additions this week. Thanks for dragging me into the digi age!

  2. WOW thanks for the freebies! they gorgeous!

  3. i cant get the fonts to download - just comes up with a page full of symbols - help

  4. Hi Wilma, I understand you are having difficulty with the font download.
    Click on the 'here' link to the font download - then a page will come up with lots of various fonts - all of which are available for you to download. Select the line of fonts that you want and to the right you will see a download button. Click on this and then an option will pop up for you to save the file on your computer. To load the fonts then follow the instructions under Hints and Tips - hope this helps, Ann xxx

  5. I love the free stuff as I'm always searching fro free papers etc. Raspberry Road has some nice freebies, perhaps for an upcoming issue?


  6. Wow! - love those freebies - must remember to come back on when I am on my home computer to download. I have a query about digital downloads - I do use them, but I always have a fear in the back of my mind that my cards could easily be ruined if the paper gets wet or something. Should I be doing something to make the ink more permanent (I know you can buy special sprays but I think they are quite expensive and is the expense justifiable?), or do I have a fear of something that isn't going to happen?

  7. Andrea, you should not have a fear of using digital papers - your inkjet printer will be able to copy well providing you use good quality paper - ideally about 160gsm to 300gsm depending upon whether you are matting and layering or creating the sturdy card outer. No paper or card will survive getting wet, even pre-printed, so go and experiment - I think you will be pleased. Ann xx

  8. I am still not getting the fonts to download - i have and was doing it the way you said but when i click on the download - on any of the fonts i get a page full of symbols. I have downloaded fonts before and know what i shoud be getting - help again!

  9. Wilma I cannot figure out what is happening on your pc - I have just downloaded a font and installed following the instructions I had given and it worked perfectly - can anyone else help Wilma???

  10. Ann, I think she has them downloaded but not installed...Wilma, follow the directions here and it should have to have the fonts in the proper directory or all you will see is a composite of ya go...Hugs..Jacque

  11. Thanks for your help Jacque, much appreciated xx