Monday, 1 June 2009


This is your chance to feature in The Next Level. If you spot anything interesting or new that you think would appeal to our sense of creativity please leave a comment below and post a link to what you have found.

It is hoped that this section will be a really valuable source of inspiration and information to everyone and that you check in each day to see what has been newly posted.

Let's see what creative ideas you can all come up with!!!!


  1. A new range of stamps are coming out soon.

    The range is called Annabella.

    The stamps are based on two little girls and the innocence of childhood.

    Visit thier brand new blog page, to share in the exciting journey these two lovely girls are taking.

    I am giving people who visit my blog the chance to be a tester of a new Annabella stamp, vist the link below for a chance to take part

    I am loving the next level, and am now off to start on my challange.

  2. Just copy and paste the blog addresses to visit the blog pages

    Thnaks Gina

  3. I did a tutorial on my blog a while back on making your own printed ribbon. take a look

    Have a go as it got lots of positive feedback, apparantly the best type of ribbon to use from the feedback was cotton grain.