Monday, 29 June 2009


Did you know???

Here are some more hints and tips that are worth a try…..

1. When adding small jewels and beads to your cards and projects, use a cocktail stick with a small amount of blue tack moulded onto the end, this will make it so much easier to pick up them up.

2. Before you throw away your old garments, remember to cut off any buttons, ribbons and pieces of lace etc. and these will always come in hand on your future projects.

3. If you are lucky enough to have a craft room, the easiest way to store ribbons is to wind them onto a piece of wooden dowel and create a rail effect, so they stay in good shape and you can easily just take the amount of ribbon that you need.

4. When you are embossing the back of your punched out flowers or die-cuts, rub some soap or a tumble dryer sheet on the reverse side, it will make your embossing tool glide over the surface and emboss without dragging.

5. When you have finished making your card or scrapbook page, do not throw away larger pieces of your craft paper, they make great tags for your envelopes to compliment your card.

Hyperlinking your Challenge entry

When you post your challenge entries in the comments section would you please try to add a direct link to your entry to make it easier for people to go to it direct and leave a comment. If you do struggle please do a copy and paste - but it does sometimes deter people from visiting if they have to deviate away from the blog page to do this.

1. First open up your blog page with the Challenge entry on the page and then right at very top of the page you will see the address of the blog page starting with http:// etc etc.

2 .Highlight your address bar by right clicking and select copy from the drop down menu. Now open up a Word document and just copy the address bar to the blank page.

3. Unfortunately you cannot type the link line into these instructions for you to copy and paste, as they will only appear on this page as Here's my Card - so the link line details below are actually a photograph, that you can right click upon and save the image to your desktop to refer to. Carefully type out the line into your Word document, omitting the blue letters and pasting in your blog address which you have already saved in your document. Be careful not to delete the inverted commas at each end.
4. Now right click and copy the whole new line with your blog address in it, and go along to the Comments page - add your comments and then right click and paste your entry line.

5. It is always worth previewing your entry on the comments page before you publish it just to make sure that it appears as a hyperlink so you know it will run properly - it should just show the words Here's my entry with no other detail.

Please do not be shy - take the time to post your hints below - every one will have a value to someone.

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