Monday, 1 June 2009


Well this is the first time I have ever made one of these flowers for the challenge this week, but I really enjoyed it and most certainly will be making them again in the future - in fact you will probably get fed up of seeing them on my cards!!!! I decided to do this in addition to the YouTube video, just in case there were any problems in accessing it in readiness for your Challenge creations this week. I have also listed it separately from the main Tutorial section so that it can be printed of in isolation if you want to refer to it whilst making your flowers.

Gesso – or white emulsion paint
Glimmer Mist – or Perfect Pearls Recipe (see below)
Spray bottle with water if not using Glimmer Mist
Edge Distresser – or scissors
Squares of paper
Brads or buttons

1. Cut your paper, using a range of pretty papers that co-ordinate with your project into rough squares of varying sizes, you will need about 5 or 6 different ones to make a flower approximately 6cm in diameter. Then cut them into rough circles by just cutting off the corners all the way round. Vary the circle sizes to form your flower layers

2. Next use your edge distresser, or if you do not have one of these, open up your scissors and carefully use the jaws of the two blades at the hinge point to pull down the edges of your circles

3. Then pour a very small amount of Gesso (or if you do not have this use a small amount of white matt emulsion and mix with a tiny amount of water) and use your finger just to put a small amount around the edge of your circles. It will dry white so use sparingly or it will cover over the colour of your paper too much.

4. Line up your circles and punch a small hole through the centre all the way through, or use a piercing tool to make the hole. Put a brad through to hold them all together. You can either add your finished brad at this point, or a small brad just to hold them together and add a button or ribbon over the top at the end to finish. Do not close the brad at this point; leave the point so that you can hold it to get a good grip while going through the next step.

5. Start to crumple the papers layer by layer – do not be afraid to really work the papers. Then spray liberally with the Glimmer Mist or your Perfect Pearls alternative mix (see below). If you do not have either of these just use a mist of water. Spray each layer of your circle so that the paper is quite flexible. Then again shape each layer until you get the desired effect.

6. Close the brad when you have finished shaping the flower and then leave to dry.

Alternative to Glimmer Mist
If you do not have Glimmer Mist, get a small spray bottle such as a Mini Mister or travel size spray bottle and put in a 1/4 teaspoon Perfect Pearls (not Pearl-Ex) and 1 ounce water.
Shake the bottle vigorously before you use it as the particles will split out and need to be combined.
Optional: Add additional colour from a reinker if you want a darker spray as opposed to just pearlescent.

Have fun, cheers Ann xxx


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous, thank you so much. Mel x

  2. Looks really effective, thanks for such a great photo tutorial I cant get the youtube posting so this was fab.
    Cant wait to give this a go.

    Beccy xx

  3. wow very stunning hugs jo x

  4. Cannot wait to have a wee go of these cutie flowers

  5. WOW this is amazing. I love the effort you have made for us all. Looking forward to having a go with the flowers. Hazelxox

  6. Thanks for sharing, looks great and fun! Hugs Nilla

  7. Awesome tutorial Anne, I feel confident enough to try this out now, when I first saw the challenge I thought eeeeeek! lol. Joey,x

  8. Hello,
    Nice to see your first post here.
    Bye see you.

  9. Wooowooooo!!!! Can't believe I've won some of your gorgeous blog candy - I'm over the moon. Thanks so much ( have never won any before)
    Loving the new site -crammed full of info and the lollipop flower tutorial is fab.
    Love Louby xxx

  10. Love this tutorial Ann, you have done amazing job! Hugs XXX Beth

  11. Have been dying to make one of these but never new how, thanks.

  12. Sopretty,and not difficult at all,thanks for this.I'm sure these will be a regular feature on my cards fromnow on. Great to be able to co-ordinate with papers. Judith x

  13. Really useful and informative stuff. Thanks. Love the tutorial, will be trying that. Also, thanks for showing how to do the link thing on comments, I have really struggled with that one!!! Also glad to hear the issue is Blogger's, not my computer!

    You've solved all my problems!!!!

  14. I love this tutorial - will definitely give this a go! Your flowers look gorgeous!

  15. thanks for this, will give it a go

  16. I made my first lollipop flower today!! So cute!! I will be making more of them. I didn't even wait for the perfect pearls to arrive I used the they are great!! Thank you! Sherry

  17. okay I have made my own glimmer mist and it works great!! Now to make more colors, thanks!!